Vintage Afternoon Tea in London – Reform Social & Grill

Afternoon Tea in London | Blonde in the City

With only two months to go until the wedding, last week was my final wedding dress fitting and the day I was able to take it home. My mum had the very heavy and stressful job of taking it home with her, after making her way to London for the day so she could be with me to pick it up. My aunties came too, excited to get a peek of The Dress before the W-Day. And I was really excited to be invited along to Reform Social & Grill for Afternoon Tea, so decided to make a day of it and take my mum and her sisters for Afternoon Tea in London too!
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Gaudí’s masterpiece – La Sagrada Familia

It took us a while to get to Barcelona, choosing instead to go to Lisbon and on a US road trip first. But when we did eventually make it to Spain, we were so glad we did. One thing that stood out for me in Barcelona was the Sagrada Familia. People told us that it was unmissable and that we couldn’t leave Barcelona without seeing it, but I was unprepared for how incredible it really was.

Sagrada Familia | Blonde in the City

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Dino Snores at The Natural History Museum

I slept with 200 people at The Natural History Museum. In the Central Hall, under the watchful skeleton of Dippy the Diplodocus. When NHM London first advertised their Dino Snores night, I was gutted to read that it was only for kids. ‘What about the adults?’ I replied, ‘We want a sleepover too!’. So when they announced that Dino Snores was coming for the grown ups, I had to get tickets.

Except, I didn’t – they’d sold out too quickly.

So, when my other half saw that there was another Dino Snores this year, he snapped up tickets in secret and revealed the treat 3 weeks before Dino Day. I did a lot of this…

Dino Snores | Blonde in the City
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Enjoying a London summer with Tea India

Who else has been enjoying the amazingly good weather the UK has been getting recently? Getting some sun is one of the main reasons I jet off to hotter climes, so it’s been nice to live beyond 25 degrees at home for a change. The weekend felt like a holiday at home, so I decided to make the most of my garden and catch some rays while I still had the chance. I was recently sent a couple of boxes of Tea India, so I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making some treats to enjoy in the sunshine.

Tea India | Blonde in the City
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Explore your city with the Vivi in Stile app from Peroni

Finding something new to investigate in London is one of my favourite things to do. Often I rely on friends telling me where to go and newsletters shouting about what’s new, but this time I used a handy app from Peroni. Since both me and my fiancée work office jobs, we like to make sure we’re getting enough time together by having a couple of date nights a month. Recently we’ve been trying to organise our wedding, so I met the old man in Clerkenwell and used the Vivi in Stile app to find somewhere to eat.

A few suggestions looked close, but they were mostly pre-bookable places. A quick scroll down brought up a bar I’d heard of but not visited before – Giant Robot. It had actually been in the running for our wedding venue at one time!
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