Aruba honeymoon guide

aruba honeymoon | blonde in the city

The first time I heard about Aruba was on Friends, when Rachel explained she was supposed to be on her honeymoon but instead was sitting in Monica’s kitchen, still wearing her wedding dress. I had no idea it was in the Caribbean, neither did I know it was a popular destination for honeymooners. So when I won a two-week trip there, I did my research and proudly dubbed our holiday The Fauxneymoon. If you’re thinking about an Aruba honeymoon, take a look at my recommendations of where to stay, what to eat, and what to do.

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Atlantis Submarines – a voyage to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea

“Give the captain a hand ladies and gents, we’ve reached 130ft!”. The cabin erupted into whoops and cheers, and as I stared out of the porthole into the deep blue Caribbean Sea I was thankful that this submarine was comfortably air-conditioned. This was my first submarine expedition and I didn’t even need to take a course! Sat with 30 other adults and a gaggle of excited children, we were in our element inside Atlantis Submarines’ Atlantis VI on the coast of Aruba.

Boarding Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarines | Blonde in the City

I ‘checked-in’ at the Atlantis shop at 10am and gripped tightly onto my boarding pass as the passenger boat, named the Sub Seeker, pulled up to the pier. Snapping our photographs as we boarded, the assistant explained we’d be shipped to Atlantis VI in under 15 minutes and be sitting on the seabed in no time. Safety checks were the first priority and we soon sailed along the coast, past beautiful hotel beaches and the airport landing strip, before arriving at the waiting Atlantis submarine. Taking turns to walk over the ramp, everyone climbed down the hatch one-by-one and settled inside the 65ft long, fully air-conditioned submarine.
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Real pirate ship review. Sail, snorkel & swim with Jolly Pirates, Aruba

Clutching my ‘YAARRGH’ boarding pass, I jumped onto the real pirate ship and wondered exactly how long I had waited to be a pirate. The lucky folks at Jolly Pirates get to captain their own ship every day, and have a great time putting smiles on the faces of their sailors.

If you’re looking for a fun sailing activity to do while in Aruba, even if you have little kids, then Jolly Pirates and their Sail, Snorkel & Swim trip is the ideal treat. Including lunch and an open bar, the 9am – 1.30pm trip is a great way to experience Aruba’s exciting sea life up close and have fun doing so on a real pirate ship.

On board the pirate ship

real pirate ship aruba | Blonde in the City

Life’s a beach when you’re on the Jolly Pirates ship. The Pirate’s Poison punch flows freely, the sun beams down every single day, and snorkelling and swimming are the only tasks on the agenda. No swabbing the decks here!
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My year in travel – 2012

Considering I have a full-time job with a pretty low holiday allowance, 2012 has been the best year ever for travel. I’ve been lucky enough to win a holiday competition, save up for and indulge in a two week tour, and watch our friends get married abroad – all in 12 hectic months. So here it is, the best of my year in travel for 2012.

April – Learning to relax in the Caribbean

I’m a city girl, obviously. But we all need to take a break from ‘the norm’ every now and then, so when I won a two-week break in Aruba thanks to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines I was so excited about relaxing. Aruba is the best place to learn how to let down the barricades and just allow yourself some calm – something which I hardly ever do on holiday. I love to surround myself with bustle, but it’s just as nice to people watch on the beach (without being pervy) and enjoy the sand between your toes. I even dyed my hair pink for the occasion, which was a great talking point with some of the locals!

butterfly farm | my year in travel
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My Top 3 Travel Memories

The Olympics and Paralympics might be over, but that’s not stopping from carrying on the inspirational spirit we experienced during the sports. They’ve started a travel blogger relay, where we all share our Gold, Silver and Bronze travel memories in order to create a great big trail of amazing stories. I just couldn’t keep my nose out of this one so I joined #TeamPurple, captained by Neil of, and have the baton handed to me by Roy of

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